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Three Tips about Stock You Cannot Afford To overlook

First look at the background Mars angles, then look at the faster planets angles, and finally the geomagnetic activity. I have summarised each working day now, with the Mars background. Is that new beauty on wheels absolutely a must have? You should have an eye on your favourite 8 to 10 shares and look for price changing events in the company like mergers, bonus declaration dates, dividend payment, etc. You can research about the support levels and resistance levels to make an informed decision. What I do is to measure the angles that planets and Sun make to each other in our Solar System. There were many moments when geomagnetic activity was the main mover, when the Mars and faster planets did not have strong angles. But there is more to know and to understand about unique boutique taking, which can help you in running your business well. At last count there were 88 updates put in the Facebook post last month. Bakken Shale. KOG fell hard with all the momentum oil stocks last week and was down slightly on Monday.


That is why existing obstinate orders come crumbling down in D moments. U moments are easy to sell your view, D moments are not. A patient client base: If you are investing for yourself, you have to answer only to yourself. Based on some Google searches, it seems likely that this fund added TSLA some time in 2018, although I have no way to be certain. The new moon is simply an event that occurs when the sun and the moon rise at the same time. At any point of time when the shares are quick offered and the same usually are not brought to the exchange, the shares go in for auction. 44) Georges Bizet owns 10,000 shares of Pearl Co. purchased at an average price of $15 per share. Net share count become 500mn. On the $90bn debt, assume 8% for 10 year debt (companies are raising at lesser rates), and 30% tax rate, and one will end up with a $34 2011E EPS for Apple. I will be watching some of the big cap tech stocks today such as Apple ( AAPL ) to see if that stock can hold $86 which has been key support.


To create a scenario, if Apple levers itself up 3x on 2011E EBITDA of $30bn and does a $150bn buyback at $350/share, it can buyback 428mn shares. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) – Shares of Advanced Micro Devices failed at $8 and are now pulling back again. Chipotle (CMG) – Chipotle (CMG) is back above $410 but the turnaround continues. Back in September, I’d discussed some of the reasons a stock market crash was dead ahead. Very detailed correlations were discovered between planetary positions, geomagnetic activity and the stock markets. So look at both, with the geomagnetic activity. Please have a look at the three stage process. Look at the faster planet tables below, to see whether they will have stronger angles to complement Mars, and of course the geomagnetic activity posted at the Facebook page. But you need to see the Facebook reports to see the details for every hour of the day in detail. The predictions made in the comments in the Facebook page speak for themselves.


Geomagnetic activity are unsettled on 11th, 15th and 19-22nd and that won’t help the markets, but the minute by minute signals are from the links in the FB page. You can use it for the markets, or any living environments, especially if you are in a sales job. The Phoenix effect can be characterized partly as a small cap effect. But you can see that we have more D’s between Sun and planets with the Moon. What you see here is a general view. That is a D. Yes in simple terms much of this work is thousands of years old. In simple terms it means that the stock market will go lower. Just two days (18th and 23rd) with faster planets U’s and Mars U’s, means the down pressure is strong. Sadly, the government is taking people down with them. So it will be down. The total will reach $80 billion this year, double the yearly average since 1999, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicted in November-an estimate that may prove low. You may have heard many things about penny stocks and some of this information may be misleading. I may start to reduce some positions on the REITs as valuations now seem on the high side, given that Yellen is likely to continue in her hiking of interest rates, which is likely to cause REITs to fall once again.