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Stock Market Analysis: 06/23/16

I’m sure that many Tambun Indah’s investors are wondering what the hell is going on with its boutiques price, which has dived from RM2.60 to RM1.56 in less than 3 months time. “There’s going to be a lot more of that. That said, capital spending in this sector is going to be the key focal point for investors, and I think Rogers has the upper hand in this regard. Next, I keep a stash of nutritious snacks on hand and when I get that craving I can eat that snack bar which holds me over until lunch time. I’m still thinking whether to keep or sell my remaining Tambun shares. Should I sell for other growth stock or keep for good dividend? Lets say if its profit drops by half after 10 years, its share price and dividend will fall by half as well to RM5 and 30sen respectively. There will be a time when property, smartphones or furniture demand drops, and when the great time for O&G and plantation finally arrives, those growth stocks in these sectors will perform well. Now we know it’s not a good time for property, so we expect lackluster financial results from most property stocks in the next few years to come.


Lets say its profit doubles after 10 years and it has similar dividend payout. So focusing solely on dividend yield might be misleading, especially when the company has some one-off gain and gives one-time special dividend. The company is also continuing to invest and add to its workforce to deliver up to 1 billion doses this year, it added. One is my assumption that the expected acquisition price is $8 billion; raising that number towards the current market capitalization of $15.4 billion will increase the effect. That is what makes market interesting. If the market gives it similar PE ratio, its share price will be doubled to RM20 and dividend will also be doubled to RM1.20 per share. Tambun should give at least total 9.5sen dividend for its FY14, and it is still a good yield above 5% now. So it’s unlikely they will give persistent deteriorating profit over many years though profit might still fluctuates.


These two Irish Bank stocks have all over the place. By right I should have sold all my property stocks by now but I didn’t. So I plan to invest in high dividend yield blue chips stocks only after accumulating enough money for retirement. Its dividend yield is still high at 6% but investors not only suffer 50% paper loss, but also less actual dividends received along those 10 years. Yesterday there is a correction on the investments as we didn’t lose as much, one of the investments is still on the profit side and so yesterday the lost was only $86.14. For me, growth is still the most important part of my investment. For Tambun, its growth phase might be over and I have decided earlier to sell all of its shares in stages. Twilio (TWLO) – TWLO was a strong IPO on Thursday and should be watched over the next week or so. Populous parts of the UK including London went back into a more draconian state of lockdown over the weekend, after the discovery of a new variant of COVID-19 said by experts to be 70% more transmittable than the earlier version of the virus in the country.